Hercules Clock circa 1909 and in 2015

Welcome to my site dedicated to the works of the Edward F. Caldwell Company of New York. It is my goal to create a site which celebrates the enduring workmanship of the company by contrasting original images of the pieces, as found in the Smithsonian archives, with images of the pieces as they appear today. I am open to purchasing single pieces or collections for my site. Please call or email today. Thank you. Timothy

                Cherubs Clock circa 1917 and in 2015

​                Zodiac Ashtray 2015              

                            Servant Call Button circa 1935                         Same Call Button 2015

Merman Clock circa 1929 (on White Marble)        2015, on Black Marble with Fish Hands.            

                 Asian Style Lamps 1917 and in 2015           

Putti Clock 2015

Putti Clock 1904

Sterling Foot Bowl 1925 and 2015

Lyre Clock circa 1935    Same Clock, 2015

            Medieval Clock circa 1920 and in 2015

Gothic Ashtray circa 1918

Gothic Ashtray 2015

Blackamoor Clock circa 1910                                       Similar Clock, 2015


​                                         Caldwell Model A16554 circa 1910 and in 2015                     Hanging Calendar 1914 and in 2015

​          Classical Copper Box circa 1917                                   Classical Copper Box 2015

​      Casket Box Circa 1925                     Same Box, 2015               

Purchasing Items Produced by the Edward F. Caldwell Co. of New York.

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                      Sea Horses circa 2015

         Sea Horse Bronzes created for Larz Anderson circa 1912

  Foo Dog Inkwell circa 1915                           Foo Dog Inkwell 2015 

Ivorine Top Box circa 1915                                         Ivorine Box 2015

Angel Clock circa 1910        Angel Clock 2015                            Lion Clock circa 1921                                              Lion Clock 2015

                                                         Bull & Bear Clock circa 1925 and in 2015       

​              Classical Ashtray circa 1914                                               Classical Ashtray 2015

             Zodiac Ashtray circa 1917

Wood Clock circa 1925             Wood Clock 2015 

                                           Classical Andirons circa 1913 and in 2015                                                                                          Clock with Griffins circa 1917 and in 2015

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